Concept of the Free Zones

Free Industrial Zones, similarly to Free Economic Zones or Free Trade Zones, are created to achieve an acceleration of the economic development of the country or to help development of particular part of it. There are various instruments introduced in Free Zones for the aim to increase incentives for the foreign investors, such as: preferred tax regimes, liberal labor code, free trade opportunities, special legislation, less bureaucracy, etc.

For already several years Free Economic Zones in Georgia have been actively promoting foreign direct investments in various industrial and trading sectors of the economy. Although it is often asserted that tax incentives play a major role for successful flow of foreign direct investments in Free Zones, it appears that other factors are also having key importance, including: advanced infrastructure, flexible regulation to accommodate different sectors, convenient location for trade, cheap operational costs, low cost of skilled labor, etc..

Entrepreneurs are strongly attracted to the factors like easy access and the size of the potential markets through the country where the Free Trade Zones are located.

Due to the wide availability of mentioned factors and benefits Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone is steadily grabbing the interest of the foreign and local investors in Georgia. Hualing Free Zone, apart from tax incentives, offers all the advantages in terms of developed infrastructure, easiness of running the business, value add services, access to huge export markets and etc.