Key Advantages of Hualing FIZ

Strategic location for business
Strategic location for business - logistical advantages
Strategic location for business - logistical advantages


  • Excellent logistical hub for expansion to Caucasus,
    EU and Central Asian markets – in the heart of New Silk road
  • Distributional and Manufacturing hub reaching 2.4 billion Market size
  • Close distance to the Georgian Sea Port
  • Railway and roads connecting to Caucasus, CIS, EUROPE
  • Multimodal transportation.
Business Start-up
Business Start-up – Simple & Fast
Business Start-up – Simple & Fast


  • Company Registration in 1 day
  • 100% foreign ownership allowed
  • No initial capital required
  • No minimum investment required
  • Fast and easy bank account opening (within 1 hour after company registration)
Business Operation - Tax Free
Business Operation - Tax Free Permanently
Business Operation - Tax Free Permanently
  • 100% permanent exemption from Corporate Profit, Dividend, Property taxes and VAT
  • 100% permanent exemption from import/export of all cargo, including raw materials,
    equipment & machinery, prefabricated goods
  • 100% capital and profit repatriation
  • Double taxation with many countries `
  • Free Trade regime with the CIS countries and Turkey
  • DCFTA (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement) with EU – unique potential
    for manufacturing & processing industries for quota-free and tax-free imports
    to European countries
  • Free Trade regime with People’s Republic of China
  • Free Trade regime with EFTA (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway)
  • Preferential Trade (GSP with USA, Canada, Japan)


Georgia mainland vs Free Industrial Zone – Tax Comparison


Types of Taxes Georgia mainland company FIZ registered company *
VAT 18% 0%
Corporate Profit Tax 15% 0%
Tax on Dividend Withdrawal 5% 0%
Property Up to 1% 0%
Import 12% / 5% / 0% 0%
Export 0% 0%
Personal Income Tax 20% 20%
* For manufacturing & trading companies 
Business Operation - Easy and Cost Effective
Business Operation - Easy and Cost Effective


  • Main offerings:
               – Products: ready-made buildings of various sizes, land plots,
office spaces, desks, legal addresses.

               – Services & Supporting Services: Video monitoring and Security, cargo handling, customs brokerage, Consulting Services, “Certificate of Origin” – obtaining support services, etc.

  • Cheapest tariffs on buildings, licenses and services
  • Lowest electricity cost in the region. Electricity connection provided
  • Fast customs procedures -Import/Export from as low as 1 hour. Customs operates 24/7
  • International Trading permitted
  • Licenses issued by Hualing FIZ – no additional industrial licenses needed
  • No price control or mark-up
  • No limitations or quotas on import/export
  • Fast procedures for getting Certificate of Origin for all industries
Human Capital
Human Capital and Labor Advantages
Human Capital and Labor Advantages


  • The widest availabilities among cities and regions of Georgia
  • Skilled and competitively priced labor force
  • Liberal labor code
  • Free Training opportunities – Education training centers