Products / Facilities

Ready-made Buildings for Industrial Usage and Warehousing
  • Applicable for Processing, manufacturing & storage purposes
  • Various sizes and shapes
  • Flexible lease duration
  • Available buildings with integrated office spaces
  • Available buildings with ramps for cargo handling
  • Lighting electricity connection
Land for Industrial Usage
Land for Industrial Usage or Warehousing
  • Applicable for processing, construction of storage facilities and logistics purposes
  • No set minimal timeframe for land lease
  • Maximum term – 25 years, with the option of prolongation.
  • No land filling needed
Desks & Smart Office
Offices Spaces, Desks & Smart Office
  • No minimal time-frames
  • Diversity of options
  • Maximum term – 25 years with the option of prolongation
  • Smart Office – a legal address in Hualing FIZ